Mechanical System & Engine


  1. Basic concept of hydraulic system.
  2. What is pneumatics or a pneumatic system.

Wartsila Diesel Engine-

  1. Wartsila engine automation system.
  2. Lubricating oil level monitoring system in engine.
  3. Lubricating oil system of Wartsila W20V32 engine.


Mechanical System in power plant

  1. Air Compressor basics in industrial use.

 Diesel Engine

  1. What is diesel engine.
  2. Operation basics of Diesel / HFO engine.
  3. Basic control mechanism with governor in a diesel engine system.
  4. Electrically-driven turning device in engines.
  5. Details of over speed & Pneumatic over speed trip device of diesel engine.

Unitrol 1000-15 model, main component.